Volunteers are an important part of Abkhazi Garden. If you would like to find out more about volunteering opportunities, please contact Susan Shortill, Volunteer Co-ordinator for Abkhazi Garden: sshortill@conservancy.bc.ca or 250 414-4746.

The gardening volunteers are under the direction of TLC’s head gardener.  Gardening volunteers need their own clippers and gloves but other tools are provided.  Shifts are 3 hours long, on Monday or Tuesday mornings, year-round. (Gardening is not so good in the snow, but fortunately that occurs very seldom). The head gardener is on hand for direction and instruction: you can’t help learning in a garden! Tasks are of course weeding and raking, cutting back, deadheading, planting, potting, pruning, chipping and making compost, mulching, fish-pool maintenance (just occasionally) and helping with plant propagation. At the present time the gardener is especially keen to hear from anyone interested in lawn care and/or in plant propagation for the Garden.

The volunteer gate-greeters, docents and tour guides work under the direction of TLC’s Abkhazi Garden Volunteer Co-ordinator and have the winter off. If you enjoy interacting with people who visit from around the world and if you love plants and gardening, you’d probably enjoy volunteering in one of these positions.

Gate greeters welcome guests to the Garden, take entry donations and provide basic information on the Garden. Docents talk to guests as they stroll through the gardens and can help with plant identification as well as answer questions guests might have about the Garden and its history. Tour guides lead groups of guests who have pre-arranged for a tour through the Garden, helping the guests understand and appreciate the Abkhazis’ vision and how it is still being maintained today.

All the volunteers enjoy the fellowship and the work, not to mention the tea generously provided by the Teahouse during breaks, and all without exception love the Garden. You too can join the volunteers, whether or not you are inclined to join the Society as Friends.

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