The Abkhazi Garden is a beautiful little garden lovingly created on a rocky Garry oak hillside by an unlikely couple – a White Russian prince and an expat British lady of modest means – who in their early forties chose to escape the chaos of 1940s Europe and Asia.

The Garden’s current owner The Land Conservancy (TLC) maintains it with a mainly volunteer labour force and opens it seasonally to the public.

The tiny home the Abkhazi couple built for themselves in the middle of the garden is the Tea House offering elegant light lunches and teas.

Admission to the Garden at 1964 Fairfield Road is by donation. A group wishing a guided tour can email TLC.

The Friends of Abkhazi Garden Society is a non-profit society which has as its object to support and participate in the restoration, maintenance, development and stewardship of the Garden.

Membership is only $20/year. We invite you to become a member of Friends (click here for details) and be a part of the Abkhazis’ living legacy.

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