Friends of Abkhazi Garden

A dedicated group of volunteers at Abkhazi Garden have created a Society through the Society Act called Friends of Abkhazi Garden Society. It is a not-for-profit organization, without charitable status, that works in partnership with The Land Conservancy. All membership fees and donations go directly to the Friends for use in the garden.

Friends is committed to the restoration and development of the garden that was created by the Abkhazis starting in the 1950’s. Hundreds of hours a year have been spent caring for the garden to ensure that this wonderful space remains one of the most important garden attractions in the Capital Region. We invite you to become a part of Friends and keep the garden going.

Volunteers work as gardeners, as greeters at the gate, as docents stationed throughout the garden to explain the garden to visitors and give tours, and also to work on special projects to support garden operations.

Membership is $20/year. Please fill out the membership form and mail to or drop off at:

Abkhazi Garden
1964 Fairfield Road
Victoria BC
V8S 1H4