Marjorie Pemberton-Carter and Nicholas Abkhazi met in Paris in the early1920s when they too were in their early twenties, Marjorie studying piano and Nicholas having fled with his mother from the Russian revolution.  His father, the Prince of Abkhazi, remained to lose his life in the fight for Georgian independence.

A new video on the beauty and history of Abkhazi Garden has just been produced:

The University of Victoria archives holds a wonderful collection of photos and other memorabilia of the Abkhazis’ lives and their garden. You can access many of these online.

After the deaths of the Abkhazis the TLC rescued the house and garden from townhouse development by raising funds from a generous public.   When later the TLC itself met financial problems, the volunteers it had recruited to maintain the Garden and assist visitors joined with other supporters to found the Friends of Abkhazi Garden Society in 2014.  The Society continues to have a strong supportive role even after TLC’s recovery from its temporary difficulties.

Many of the volunteers working in the Garden are members of the Society.  Many other people belong to the Society simply because they love the Garden and want to ensure that it continues to delight and comfort the soul.  You too can join the Society, click here.